Zillow, Trulia and MOVE insider trading reports – Are they leaving the party?

Ok. I don’t know much about stocks. But I do know that when the guys that own the company or are privy to the inner working sell, it is something to consider. To quote Forrest Gump, “Mama always told me, Stupid is as stupid does.”. So I am SURE that there is a logical explanation for the insider trades at Zillow, Trulia. MOVE, Inc insiders seem to be trading in a more “normal” range. Just not sure I can explain it. Perhaps they can. Could it be that Z and T are overvalued and they see it?

So without further ado, I post this without comment. (note: Source is NASDAQ)







Zillow – (click to expand) Look at the ratio between sells and buys for insiders







Trulia – Same story here. (click to expand photo)









MOVE, Inc. – aka Realtor.com – ┬áTrading much more evenly by comparison.



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    Insider selling has been heavy at both Z & T. I can’t imagine execs in either company are comfortable with long term prospects for holding their vested stock options. The amount of money each of these companies spends to generate a new client is staggering. This is not sustainable or scalable and the company execs know this and are aggressively dumping shares. Take the time to listen to the next quarterly earning call and hear Pete Flint and Spencer Rascoff tell the analysts covering the space how they are going to further squeeze more revenue out of their agent customers. It is truly quite amusing.

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