What value do Franchisors add in today’s market?

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First off,this is an honest and open ended question.

I would like to know from AGENTS ONLY please.

I want to know SPECIFIC examples of value that Franchisors have added to their bottom line. And we are going to put the comments into categories. So for example, if a franchisor has a lead generator program that is working for you, simple provide the name of the program and how many deals it and generated, etc etc.

I want the bottom line results. How much money has it ACTUALLY made you.

Please no recruiting pitches. I would like to use your responses in some upcoming posts so I need SPECIFIC answers if possible. In exchange I will feature you in the post, if used, and link back to your site.

What has your Franchisor done for you LATELY. icon smile What value do Franchisors add in todays market? Fair enough? Ready? Go.

 What value do Franchisors add in todays market?

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    The LeadStreet system that RE/MAX has does a good job of generating geotargeted leads. I specify the zip codes that I service and I receive leads in those zip codes. So far this year I have make over $60,000 in closed commissions from LeadStreet Leads.

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    Eric, I just attending the NAR Convention – in the Google presentation – they have not ties to any company or independents, but they reported that search was up for brands while searching real estate – now at 33%. It was only 18% a few years ago.

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