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Ok,  this part two of my post about how many REALTORS does it take to support Zillow, Trulia, in their never ending quest to take over the REALTOR wallet. I am sure that there will be those who doubt me and they typically fall into two camps.

A: Those who are a DIRECT beneficiary of Z,R, or T marketing budgets.

B: Those who mistakenly think that they can get over on other REALTORS and build their  businesses around Z, T, R and other lead generators.  (won’t work long term – trust me-here’s why)

So here is some math to consider:






Zillow is spending RIDICULOUS money marketing to REALTORS.






As is Trulia. (they have not released their annual yet, but they are on pace to spend $60 Million this year on marketing to you, Realtors)







As is (you thought they were a BARGAIN for REALTORS after my last post…what are your thoughts now?)

Look at the TRENDS over the last three years. This is an ARMS RACE. When you add all of these up, you have over $250 MILLION spent in 2013 on Marketing largely to just over 250,000 REALTORS who have enough sales to support any marketing expense at all. (This is $1,000 spent for EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU, dig?)

Yes, the arms race in the quest to rape the REALTOR (financially speaking)  is getting taken to extremes.

“Brokerages in the past have been able to SHIELD their agents from much of the expense, but as teams grow and as the quest for revenue increases in these companies Agents and Teams will begin to TRULY feel the impact of this as well.” -Eric Blackwell

Do you guys using Z,T or R as your SOLE SOURCE of leads still think I am stoopid for counseling REALTORS, Teams and Brokerages to dig their OWN well before they are thirsty? You counsel people to BUY and not RENT, right? The ultimate irony is that you are RENTING space in the online marketing world from Landlords who have no choice but to raise the rent to CONFISCATORY levels.



One response to How much are Zillow, Trulia and spending Marketing to REALTORS.

  1. Andy Piper March 3rd, 2014 at 2:52 am

    Yes, well put Realtors are renting space, and R,T,Z are going to keep raising the rent. Build your own house.


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