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It’s no secrect that the strongest marketing plan for recruiting agents to Keller Williams is, well, recruiting.  KW pays agents, by way of profit sharing, for bringing on new agents.  In theory it sounds great, and for some it is extremely profitable, but for one Keller Williams recruiter and coach it wasn’t enough.  Genny Williams left Keller Williams in search of an office that “valued professionalism and talent as much as she did.”

Apparently she found what she was looking for in RE/MAX Adantage South because  nearly 30 agents from her former KW office quickly followed her.  The technology tools, support and vast resources offered by the office AND  RE/MAX, coupled with the reputation and credibility of Robert and Vicki Scott (Broker/Owners of RE/MAX Advantage South) made it a no-brainer for Williams and her fellow agents to join them.  She brought with her 200 listings and the top 20% of her old firm’s agents.

One of those agents, Scott Howell left RE/MAX previously to join Keller Williams and then came back to RE/MAX. “The profit-sharing tree at Keller Williams was an attractive concept, but when all the office’s top producers went to RE/MAX, all the profit went with them,” Howell says. “There’s been a slow down in business here due to the housing market and the economy. But since coming back to RE/MAX, I’ve seen a boost in business; I just wrote three contracts. Things are definitely selling better.”

Scott and his staff at RE/MAX Advantage South have worked tirelessly to interview and train all of the newcomers and couldn’t be happier with the flood of new agents.  He noted “In our first LeadStreet training class, one of new agents said, ‘I feel like I’ve come from a Tupperware party to a real business,'” says Scott, who employs an in-house Web/IT trainer. “These agents needed a stronger Web and marketing presence; they didn’t have that at their old office to grow their businesses, and now they do. Genny brought amazing mentoring, coaching and accountability skills, merging the best of both worlds.”

According to Williams, “the grass IS greener on the side.” “Real estate companies talk about having integrity all the time,” she says. “But with RE/MAX, the integrity is there and no one has to talk about it or prove it. We’re all very happy with this move and everyone’s getting down to business.”

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This appears to be an example of a KW office apparently gone bad.  I personally have known of at least one top producing agent/team leader with Keller Williams who left the profit sharing opportunity to go back to his former Coldwell Banker office here in Nashville because the grass wasn’t greener. But I also know and work with several One Hundred and One Dalmatians dvd

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wonderful agents who are with and love KW.  To me it’s all about the broker you work with, the level of support you get, and the technology offered among others and what it costs you to have those tools.  Just last night I had a meeting about short sales with some fellow agents in Brentwood and one of the agents was a Keller Williams agent who was with an unknown broker when she first obtained her license and was having a hard time with not being recognized so she decided to move to a nationally known brand.  I asked her why she chose Keller Williams and she paused for a second think to about it and responded… “because the agent tirelessy recruited me.”

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8 responses to Keller-Williams agents make a move to RE/MAX

  1. Ralph Goicouria December 18th, 2009 at 12:07 pm

    Show me how its more profitable to be at REMAX and I will move back to the company I was formally with REMAX 200. I love REMAX they are trully a great company and one of the leaders in our industry. However lets call a spade a spade…there is a reason why people know the REMAX name…its all the advertising they do and who pays for it? THE AGENTS! In this market more than ever I have been forced to look at my business from a profitability stand point and as painful as it was to move from REMAX it was necessary for me to continue to grow in size and profit margin. I have to say that 2009 has been my best year in real estate closing over 50 transactions and Keller Williams has been a huge part in my success and PROFITABILITY!


  2. Beth Woodhall December 27th, 2009 at 4:28 pm

    Ralph, thanks for your insight. I, too, believe the most agents are best served with the Keller Williams business models. There are great people throughout our industry and those that continue to committ to being learning based are those that consistently come to the top – of any company. Here’s to a successful 2010 – for all!


  3. Tony Mitidiero December 28th, 2009 at 3:01 pm

    RE/MAX is fantastic. A company made up of the highest echelon of individuals who view their business as a business. The entrepreneurial business model will always win at it has time and time again in a capitalistic free market. Not everyone is an entrepreneur though and we need to have people with diverse strengths and interests to make up a thriving society.
    Some agents left RM when times became difficult. That is O.K. I know some and they’re good people. It is very similar to the fact that many small business owners had to file BK in the last two years. Indeed it is easier to close your business and work for someone else than to continue to make an investment into a business in which you question it’s long term viability or your own personal long-term relevance.
    I often hear that agents made a ‘business decision’ by switching to KW, but rarely see a logical ‘business’ argument. If you look at the $’s it’s a no brainer and I often hear something to the effect of “The only reason they’re #1 is because they do so much advertising. That costs agents money. I’m not paying anymore.” The agent just admitted that the advertising is effective in generating business, yet they argue that they will have the ability to make more money by doing less of what they just told me allowed them to make it in the first place? Don’t ever let your clients find out that is your mentality.
    If KW was going to eclipse RE/MAX in market share it would have happened by now. The industry is no longer in shock; we know the market has changed and we’re still producing more with a higher level of visibility than any other brand.
    Because we believe in investing in our businesses and we never stopped when it became difficult and we are now coming out of this downturn with far better tools, training, and proficiency in a new market with a new consumer than any other brand.
    I am eagerly looking forward to 2010 as I believe the RE/MAX brand will continue to grow market share and presence.

    Good luck to all in 2010!!!


  4. Scott Wellman March 10th, 2010 at 5:13 pm

    Two words. Market Share…You could have millions of agents and still not succeed if your agents are not marketed, supported, and trained correctly. RE/MAX leads the industry in designations and has surpassed 10,000 agents who have completed the CDPE designation. That is almost 60% of agents nationwide that have completed that training! RE/MAX agents sell more real estate. Period. Isn’t that what we are trying to do? Did you become an agent to tell everyone about how many people are in your office or did you get in to make some money, support yourself and your family, and learn how to best help people?
    I saw a figure touting that one KW office had over 580 agents in 2008. That same year, approximately 36% of the agents in that office didn’t have a single sale! What good are massive numbers of agents with no productivity. People are smart and have instant access to facts and figures…They are going to go with who they know! Best of luck to all in 2010!


  5. Justin Rothchild August 29th, 2010 at 2:15 am

    interesting commentary… let’s see how this grabs you.
    my cousin, up until March 2010, was the #1 top producing ReMax agent in the World. (Go ahead and pull up Joe Rothchild stats. He has over $147 million of closed transactions himself in just the last 12 months) . He left ReMax after being there for many years. His answer to the press when they asked about his move, “I’m affiliating with Keller Williams because I want to be with a company that offered systems for my agents so they could continue to grow. There is too much bureacracy in the ReMax system were there is not enough support from upper management. The Houston ReMax managers and brokers fight with each other everyday over territory disputes and there is dramatic attrition. KW works together like a family. That’s why I’m leaving.”


  6. Mike November 3rd, 2010 at 10:54 am

    Wow, I wonder if this blog writer is in cahoots or sleeps with a ReMax agent? It’s pretty suspicious sounding to me. I mean I know plenty of agents that left remax and went to Keller Williams because they would make more money so….


  7. Jeffrey David Halpern January 16th, 2012 at 11:27 am

    How is it where success is built upon an agent centric company when as a service industry our “job”is supposed to be consumer centric. All you are talking about is how the agent benefits from working at KW. Not once I see a comment on how the consumer benefits.
    Sure there are plenty of KW agents but looking at the numbers, They have a smaller percentage of agents making any mone as compared to the industry standard. Why? Because the KW model is based on the old real estate addage, the more fannys in the seats the better chance that one of them will make a sale – even by happenstance, just using a gimmick to recruit.
    Today’s successful real estate company must concentrate on the needs of the consumer. Using a lean team that understands what the consumer requires for a successful transaction in this most important financial decision is tantamount to what being a Realtor is all about, not a multi-level marketing scheme that is fooling the agent into thinking it takes other agents to make money for you.
    For those agents who feel that they cannot actually help the consumer KW works as you can rely on those other agents however, for those agents that are about the consumer, why waste your time recruiting when you can do what you are meant to do, help buyers and seller realize their American Dream.
    And to those who go to KW because of the “split”, again who is the company concentrating on the agent of course. Although the agent needs to really consider of wha tey are really coming home with. I can tell you it is not 70%. Numbers do not lie. After all your expenses are taken out, if they are making more than 55% split I would be very surprised.
    The Realtor is meant to be for the consumer. When hiring a Realtor as a buyer or seller, aks questions that pertain to your needs, not the agent’s needs. Look at independent companies as well as franchises in your search. See which fits you wwhen you do make that choice. Do not base your choice on what commission they will charge you but what you will come out of in the end and how you feel working with that particular agent. A great agent will be able to make up any little extra you may have to pay them by selling your house for more than other agents through their knowledge, tools, and negotiating ability.


  8. Kalista Bradshaw October 12th, 2012 at 7:51 pm

    I started my career working for Keller Williams on their administrative side and loved it so much that I got my real estate license with them. Now I work as a Realtor and a recruiter for Keller Williams in Franklin, TN. I personally love KW for two reason, the non-competitive environment and the training. When I made the switch from being a salary business admin to an independent contract the staff and other agents where behind me 100%. My fellow agents gave me referrals and guided me through my first few deals, and the office offered me business training courses that taught me how to run my business like a business. I know that KW is not for everyone, but for those of you who think there is enough work out there to be less competitive and want more of a community focused office it might be just the right fit for you.


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