How about we give Syndicators a rating system…

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Ratings systems seem to be all the rage these days, Everybody wants to “win” with the consumer by creating a way for you to mistrust one person over another.

This is my problem with Angie’s List, Yelp and the rest. Angie doesn’t CARE about the quality of each rating. She is concern only to the extent that people PAY to be a member. (harsh but true.)

So lets apply this to the latest ratings system AgentMatch, foisted upon the REALTOR by none other than Folks are not happy about that. Let’s consider the following.

1) Finding an agent is NOT like going to Seriously. You do NOT need Dr Neil Clark Warren to match you to a “perfectly compatible” REALTOR soulmate.

2) What you DO need is a competent agent, who will help you market your home, and who will provide you with HONEST feedback during the process.

3) Check out Agent Match . It purports to be able to find you the best performing agents in your neighborhood. Seriously? That is about as dumb as if Zillow claimed they could put a VALUE on your home…oh wait…nevermind. icon wink How about we give Syndicators a rating system... Is there a BEST agent to market your home? I would agree that there are some you would NOT want to do it. But is there really a BEST and / or a WORST? I think not.

Ok so here’s my proposal.

Agents need a Syndicator rating system.  Based on Accuracy of Data, Time to Remove Sold Listings, and about 100 other things that I can think of.

And yeah, arrogance is one of the factors. A BIG one.

I am a tech guy, but I am getting REALLY tired of tech guys contorting data to make it make them money without bothering to worry about the truth.

Here is the truth.

The RIGHT agent is one that establishes a GREAT working relationship with the seller and creates a GREAT customer experience.

Using data to try to divine that is about as dumb as Zillow trying to divine the value of a home that they have never been inside. It does not work.

A friend of mine had a motto on his desk. “Data, when tortured long enough, confesses to anything.” More truth.

Seriously? Does think that they can find the BEST performing agents in a neighborhood? or is this more “for entertainment value only” gamesmanship like Zestimates. Except with a person’s reputation.

I think it is gamesmanship.

What do you think?

 How about we give Syndicators a rating system...

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    I find it to be a failure. You always need the personal assistance and advice of a KNOWLEDGEABLE, Caring & Honest Realtor. Just another way for the monopolies to make more money.

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    Eric, you have hit the proverbial nail on the head. And because is supposed to represent us as an industry, I find their latest misstep a disaster. And how is it they let Zillow scoop them on other important issues, like obtaining audiences with those in government who purportedly represent us?

    Bottom line is all of them, ZT&R, are after our money (and the eyeballs of our clients) and little else.

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    If we’re really going to be honest, isn’t doing this to help the consumer. They want agents to get worked up about their rankings and pay for another worthless add-on service that doesn’t deliver good leads.

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    LOL. This is a great post, Eric. While I don’t see this as particularly new (there are/were a number of related ill-conceived programs including Redfin’s debacle), I think there is a lot more concern when it comes from While some may dislike the site, there are a huge number of us who really like it and hope it continues to improve as “NAR’s consumer website.”

    The other portals have gotten away with bad behavior for years in the name of traffic and VC money. It seems like an idea conceived with good intentions, paired with ambition for consumer traffic. It’s just not going to turn out how the folks who conceived it planned. Data never explains the complexity of the real estate transaction. Ask Redfin.

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    @Sam – you are correct that it is not new. I disagreed with Glenn when Redfin did it on the same grounds. And you are of course correct that data never explains the complexity of a real estate transaction. The thing is, when does it, it adds another zero to the level of “bad idea”. Unlike you, I do not put into any different of a camp than Z or T or any other syndicator, but I understand why you do. I think us hoping that will promote the REALTOR rather than Move, Inc. is futile. They are who they are.

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    >Here is the truth.

    >The RIGHT agent is one that establishes a GREAT working relationship with the seller and creates a GREAT customer experience.

    That’s a great way of putting it, Eric.

    I love the Underwriters Laboratory model of reviewing products. A truly disinterested third party review and rating system is really the only thing that’s going to give accurate information.

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    Brilliant Eric….I challenge any Realtor buying leads from ZTR to listen in on a quarterly earnings call for any these companies. It will make you cringe to hear the CEOs bragging about how they are squeezing another subscriber into an existing zip code. It is time for the industry to just say no to these fee collecting middleman who have erected toll booths on the Internet between consumers and real estate agents.

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    Yes, I also think that it’s just gamesmanship. It looks like a promotional step to gain buyers’ trust. Which we all know that there’s no such thing as Best performing agent. If there are really are Best performing agent/s, I’d rather get the service of the honest agent. After all, I still believe that honesty is still the best policy.

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