Do you complete your past sales on Zillow? *cough*

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“Do you complete your past sales on Zillow? If not why not?”

This was a question asked yesterday on a Facebook group for REALTORS interested in learning technology. Among the comments were responses that ranged from enthusiastic “Yes, why wouldn’t I” to “No Way!”

And yet none of them seemed to get to the principle of WHY we do anything on the internet as REALTORS marketing ourselves online. We work for MONEY. That is the bottom line.

Forget that the site is Zillow and whether you like them or not. Forget that the information that they have is correct or not. Forget all of those things. There are hundreds of real estate sites on the internet.

Many of them give you an opportunity to SPEND your time on them. So what are you getting BACK for your time? What is the Return in Investment? That is what matters.

Zillow has a whole team of bright folks ready and willing to hire you for FREE to add content to THEIR site. The questions is: What are they paying as wages? Are they giving you sales? Leads? What?

If not, they you are simply worse than an indentured servant… at least they got passage on a boat from the old country to get here for their time spent. Something to think about.

When REALTORS consider the time that they spend on marketing activities, try to get to the “What’s in it for me?” before you get to the “Ooh and Ahhh” of bright and shiny objects or the emotion of “That’s not right, I need to fix it!”.

It is a good thing to evaluate stuff this way on your own sites. It is an even better thing to evaluate on sites like Zillow, Trulia, Active Rain, Facebook and any others that want you to spend your hard earned time writing content for them.

“Because you can.” Is not good enough. “Was it worth it?” is simply a much better question.

Just my .02

 Do you complete your past sales on Zillow? *cough*

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  1. says

    Yes… I have recently updated and added my past sales to Zillow and believe that it helps consumers who are using the site to differentiate between potential agents. I think it helps me significantly.

    If I chose to somehow “boycott” by not putting my activity in their site… the consumer would simply not see it and likely choose someone else. I agree the issue is our allowing data to be shared to these sites but letting some newer or less active agent take premier placement on their site is not the answer.

    The real problem is that these 3rd party sites are eating the lunch of and our individual MLS’s in getting consumers the information they want.

    To use a sports analogy, it’s like the NCAA bowl system where dozens ( or on in the case of our MLS’s, Hundreds ) of individual fiefdoms and those that control them have no incentive to innovate, or especially to run the business in a way that would help consumers on a National basis.

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