Texas real estate exam prep – Your license is a done deal

Let Real Estate Industry Watch give you the study guides and knowledge assessments to achieve your goal of scoring it. Our Texas real estate State exam prep is carried out by agents who have sealed more sales than you can count. Learn from them and follow the best strategies for studying and taking the TX exam like a senior specialist of Coldwell Banker! 

The ingredients of successful Texas real estate license exam prep

Knowing the content and format of the exam, we have an all-encompassing curriculum that serves as a compass for you. Our Texas real estate exam prep course leaves no stone unturned to shed light on property ownership, interests, contracts, finance, valuation, and more. You will gain a thorough understanding of TX’s property practices and principles and notch up those 180 hours to qualify for the license.

Up-to-date content

Think about the latest rules, Texas-specific regulations, and laws. Learn what applies to the state and what TX’s real estate professionals must know. As the industry changes, the course content is revised to reflect them.

Flexible learning options

Soak up the TREC-required knowledge with video lectures and interactive quizzes. With access to materials on Texas real estate exam prep online, you can go from page to page anytime. Grab your iPhone to proceed with just one lesson during your lunch break, or complete 5 hours of training without pausing. 

Practice exams and questions

What mimics the real format and difficulty of questions can be of huge help. Take a practice test that simulates the actual testing experience during your training to see your current level. Reviewing explanations for answers helps reinforce your understanding of essential concepts.

High pass rates

Our students’ success is the why behind Real Estate Industry Watch. We maintain high success rates for the TX exam, well above the state average. Due to our Texas real estate exam prep triad of well-curated curriculum, instructors, and practice, you join the ranks of the elite students who qualify on their first try.

Support services

While our online training allows for self-paced studying, that doesn’t mean you are on your own. We offer email support services to assist you with questions. Speaking with your instructor can help clarify confusing topics and guide you through effective study strategies. 

To get started with our Texas real estate State exam prep, you must be a trustworthy person of age and fulfill all TREC’s requirements. Follow our process and get on your way to an exciting career!