Find out whether you can nail the Texas real estate exam

Do you think you’re ready for the exam? Anxious about being bombarded with as many as 160 questions? You are welcome to assess your knowledge and stress tolerance with Real Estate Industry Watch. Our Texas real estate practice exam simulates the real testing environment to help aspiring agents get used to it and identify any subject areas they need to master.

Our sample test features State and National questions covering various topics, from Texas-specific legal peculiarities and property ownership to contracts and closing techniques. Give it a try free of charge or commitment, and get your result instantly!

Why challenge yourself with the Texas real estate exam practice test?

After (or before) you have studied hard to pass the qualification and get your TX license, it’s time to put your knowledge to the test. Answering a trial set of questions lets you get a feel for the entire testing process and your chances of nailing it. If there are any topics for further mastering, you can then brush up with our prep courses.

This test covers the same content as the official Texas real estate license exam. Whether you pass it or have more incorrect answers than allowed, you know what this career has for you. So, it can also be a form of introduction to real estate.

You can take our practice test just once or ten times. Keep testing yourself until you score perfectly, or switch to our preparation course.

Texas real estate exam beneath the surface

Once you go for it, you will be taken to 160 questions. They are subdivided into two parts covering National and State fundamentals. The former encompasses questions that are supposed to keep you busy for up to 2.5 hours, while the latter section is expected to be completed within 1.5 hours. 

Our practice questions mimic the real ones for getting a license and cover:

  • Deeds, easements, and encumbrances
  • How mortgages, liens, and title insurance work
  • Contracts and the elements of a valid contract
  • Texas-specific legal terms and processes
  • And other National and State questions

You will get immediate answers on our mock Texas State real estate exam. Once you have completed it, check out the explanations for missed questions – they are your chance to make sure you have those concepts down pat.

This is your testing ground for the Texas real estate license exam. Don’t get discouraged if you fail to have all greens the first time.