Zillow’s Churn Rate: They need to disclose it.

An analysis at Seeking Alpha takes a look at the all time highs posted by Zillow and says now is the time to sell. Here is a link to it. They list a number of reasons why. Zillow's current valuation is for over 4 BILLION dollars. In my estimation that is beyond stupid and due for the biggest of corrections. I have documented this is the past. What struck me as interesting though is that Wall Street is FINALLY picking up on the REALTOR fatigue with Zillow's premier agent program. They are Continue Reading

Trulia Swallows Up ActiveRain Content

According to a post on the Active Rain blog, content that was on ActiveRain.com will now be migrated to ActiveRain.Trulia.com, making the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing now see all of the Active Rain content as being owned by Trulia. It will be an interesting move. Reportedly according to the blog post, outside content will NOT be migrated to Trulia and will remain on its current domain with no changes. This is leaving some in the real estate community wondering the Continue Reading

Spotting the Astroturf in the Real Estate Industry…

I had an interesting thought over the weekend. After reading some of the recent industry hoopla about Lawsuit this, NAR that, and Syndicator the other, and seeing the typical HUGE level of astroturf that the real estate industry seems to tolerate, I thought it would be a GREAT idea to start pointing out all of these CRAP (completely ridiculous astroturf practices) to the general Broker and Agent populace and start ridiculing those who do it in the hope that it will stop. If you cannot get Continue Reading

I critique Brad Inman’s interview with Errol Samuelson

Ok. So I get this "Newsflash" from Inman offering the inside scoop on why Errol Samuelson left Move,  Inc. for Zillow. So I watched it. I knew in advance that it was going to be a puff piece. No hard questions. Just a lot of  "How does that make you feel?" softballs answered with "I really love innovation." And of course the "I love Zillow" references in the typical first few comments to the video. Oh, you did not see it? Here is a link. Feel free to have at it. I have nofollowed the links Continue Reading

What Errol-gate says about Move, Inc., Zillow, and most importantly Errol – my Observations.

Errol-gate. The Betrayal. The 30 piece of silver. The Accusations of Insider Knowledge going to a direct competitor. The Zillow vs Move, NOW it's personal spin. The computer that was not (allegedly) returned. The lawsuit filing that was distributed to the blogosphere and press. Ahh...the drama...the drama indeed. What does Errol-gate REALLY say about who the players are and more importantly their character? Here are 10 observations of mine that I offer for your consideration. Before we Continue Reading

Preview of the next Zillow Investor Conference call.

This is a parody. I will say that up front. But the truth of what WILL actually be said in the next Zillow Investor conference call SHOULD go like this IF investors knew what was going on in the industry in my personal estimation. Spencer: We are winning in the ongoing battle against Move Inc for dominance in the real estate industry. Investors: Ummm...but you spent $108MM and ended 2013 with a LOSS of $12MM Spencer: As further proof of that strategy working, we have lured away one Continue Reading

Errol Samuelson leaves Move for Zillow

It was announced yesterday that Errol Samuelson left Move Inc (Realtor.com) to join Zillow to oversee their "Industry Outreach". What does this mean for the Industry? What does this mean for Zillow? What does this mean for Trulia? What does this means for Move, Inc? It IS a BIG DEAL in terms of headlines. Realtor.com president quits and joins Zillow. That will make some headlines for sure. But what does it change really? In my estimation, not much. Wha?? You don't think the Top Dog Continue Reading

Zillow, Trulia and MOVE insider trading reports – Are they leaving the party?


Ok. I don't know much about stocks. But I do know that when the guys that own the company or are privy to the inner working sell, it is something to consider. To quote Forrest Gump, "Mama always told me, Stupid is as stupid does.". So I am SURE that there is a logical explanation for the insider trades at Zillow, Trulia. MOVE, Inc insiders seem to be trading in a more "normal" range. Just not sure I can explain it. Perhaps they can. Could it be that Z and T are overvalued and they see it? So Continue Reading

Zillow founder sells over $3.75 Million worth of Zillow stock.

Quoth the InsiderTradingWire.com with a hat tip to my friend Russell Shaw. The date on the trade was Feb 27th 2014 according to the article. On 02/27/14, RICHARD BARTON N,Executive Chairman reported a net SELL trade of Z with a net transaction amount of $3,751,942. Net non-zero shares traded: 43641. See below for more information on Zillow, Inc. with symbol Z traded on the NasdaqNM. Original SEC Filing Period of Report: 2014-02-26 I am (on purpose) posting this without much comment other Continue Reading