How to explain Zestimates® to potential clients

Most REALTORS in the business get often asked about a Zestimate on a potential clients house. The complaints from REALTORS are long and loud about this. It happens quite often because Zestimates are (according to Zillow) on average 8% wrong! But when you try to explain that to a client, it gets lost in all of the mumbo jumbo. My friend Martin Archacki sells homes in Atlanta GA. He has an easy way to explain Zestimates. His handy little infographic help potential clients understand more Continue Reading

Rupert Murdoch at Inman Connect NY and Zillow stock price drops 7.5%

Ok. These two news events both just happened. Rupert Murdoch was just announced that he will be at Inman Connect NY. Yes, THE Rupert Murdoch that just bought Move Inc. / And yes the same Brad Inman who only months ago thought Zillow was invincible. I am NOT a fan of syndication (never have been)...but I am less of a fan of monopolies, so having a competitor in the syndicator fight that can hold their own with Zillow  at least makes it interesting. (For those naysayers of Continue Reading

Zillow and Trulia now that they have Grown Ups as competitors

Rupert Murdock is a grown up. My opinion is that he may be the FIRST grown up that Zillow and Trulia have had to contend with. Effective April 2015, Move, Inc. has announced that Listhub will no longer be providing data (essentially) to their competitors at Zillow and Trulia. While the previous Move Inc folks thought for some inane reason (my opinion) that they needed to feed their competition, finally we are seeing competitors compete. On a level playing a degree. I cannot Continue Reading

Redfin + Walkscore = Good Move by Glenn and Redfin

Glenn Kelman announced that Redfin has acquired Walkscore. Here is his blog post that announces the acquisition. While Glenn did a really good job of explaining his reasoning for the deal in his blog post, I wanted to point out three reasons why I think it will indeed be a great move for Redfin. It DIRECTLY accomplishes goals  that they jointly share. Redfin as a company is highly focused on getting information in the hands of the consumer. Walkscore has information and traffic from all Continue Reading

Real Estate Lead Generation Questions

Next Thursday I am going to be interviewed by Real Estate Coach Don Cunnigham of Fidelity Coaching. (there is no cost or obligation for the webinar, so feel free to sign up. He was kind enough to invite me to do a webinar, so I am posting about it here.). So I have been preparing some good answers to the questions about Lead Generation that I get asked a lot. Things like: What is the best way to generate leads online? What are the options for generating leads. PPC? SEO? Continue Reading

Just because Long and Foster does it in Manassas VA, Should I do it here?

Ok. This post needs a preface. I have been getting a lot of questions lately about brokerages doing Property Management. There are a number of people wanting to try it out for a variety of reasons. My general response has always been this: "Just because Long and Foster is doing it in Manassas VA, should you do it here?" I know, it is kind of a smart aleck answer, but it brings up a great point. (Much like my mom used to make about jumping off a bridge. ;-) ) Rental Properties, Property Continue Reading

Mortgage Market Irony: Ben Bernanke has trouble getting a mortgage. Seriously.

Ok. This is not going to be a rant. It is going to be an observation. ;-) Yes. They are different. The mortgage market swings from too loose to too tight in some almost too easy to predict cycles. As long as there are lenders that are "too big to fail" and where bailouts exist, there will be people more than happy to risk other peoples' money. And  then when that happens there will always be people overly willing to artbitrarily regulate the stuffing out of the market and cause many people Continue Reading

Move Inc sale to News Corp = What it MIGHT mean (Hint: Correction)

Zillow's had a love fest with Wall Street that made it an unprofitable $5.8 Billion over-valued Wall Street wonderturd for months and months. (You can quote my opinion on that. I neither own Zillow nor do I have any positions selling them short. There are no forward looking statements, just my own assessment of a pipe dream who has needed to put down the pipe for quite a while). Seriously. I blogged earlier this year that most all of the agents who do business with Zillow are more profitable Continue Reading

Move Inc sells to News Corp. What is does NOT mean.

Move Inc (Also affectionately known as, was just sold to News Corp. Here are the particulars. While many will debate what this means, I would rather focus on what it does NOT mean. It is much more of a clear picture right now to see what this will NOT do. So without further ado: It does not mean that will be promoted on Fox News Channel. That is a separate company. 20th Century Foz as opposed to News Corp. It does not mean that the REALTORS are more likely Continue Reading

Editorial: My opinion on why Zillow has a trust problem with REALTORS.


Ok. This is my opinion. So I get to say what I want. I think Zillow has a trust problem with REALTORS. The infographic below explains it. Feel free to share. But I want to go into more detail. If you are impatient, then skip to the graphic...I get it. ;-) Wall Street is betting roughly 5.8 Billion that Zillow is going to be able to extract profitability out of REALTORS and Mortgage professionals for YEARS to come. $5.8 BBILLION. Okayfine. They are paying the folks at Zillow to say stuff Continue Reading